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The company takes precautionary measures against COVID-19 to protect the health of our employees and visitors. If you have related symptoms and confirmed records on the 7th day before and after your visit, please take the initiative to inform, thank you!

Visitor Health Declaration

※Please complete the form before visiting and take screenshots as a basis.

※Please take the temperature measurement at the entrance.

※Please fill in the form individually, not more than one person.


​visit application

※Please apply at least 14 days before your visit.

※Please fill in the relevant visit purpose.

​※Please decline unconfirmed visits and any sales promotion.


How to get to TPSC

​3rd Floor, No. 33, Section 1, Jiafeng 11th Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County

About a 5-minute walk from Exit 2 of the high-speed rail station
Liujia Railway Station is about a 5-minute walk

Parking Information:
On-street parking, high-speed rail station parking lot, public parking lot

location map.png
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