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The major difference between the third-generation solar cells and the previous generations is the introduction of organic compounds and nanotechnology in the manufacturing process. Previous generations include photochemical solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, polymer solar cells, and nanocrystalline solar cells. A special multilayer thin-film structure has also been introduced to improve light absorption efficiency in the solar cells.  Perovskite is a new synthetic photovoltaic material. Due to its excellent photoelectric conversion rate, natural abundance, low cost, and environmentally friendly production, perovskite has quickly become a hot research area in the solar energy industry.

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High security

environmental pollution

low pollution

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High conversion rate


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Solar energy is widely used in agriculture, manufacturing, aerospace, consumer electronics and other industries. In order to accelerate the industrialization of perovskite technology, industry, academia and research resources are gathered to explore possible application roadmaps and target The third generation of new solar energy technology develops innovative application ideas and transforms them into innovative business models.

Forum information

Admission time: December 16, 2022 (Friday) 08:40 AM
Event time: December 16, 2022 (Friday) AM 09:00-PM 17:30
Location: National Tsinghua University (No. 101, Section 2, Guangfu Road, East District, Hsinchu City, 300)

Forum format

  • This event is divided into morning session and afternoon session. The afternoon session is a dual-spindle forum (Industrial Application Forum/Technology Forum).

  • This event requires ticket purchase and QR code entry, which is divided into industry/academic and student tickets. On-site registration will not be accepted. Those who purchase student tickets must present a valid ID on the day. Seats are limited.

  • This event provides lunch boxes and tea.

  • 【Welcome Voucher】NoIncludes souvenirs and lunch boxes.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the venue except bottled water.

  • This event follows the central government's epidemic prevention policy. Entry is required to wear a mask at all times. Those with symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and physical discomfort are not allowed to enter.

  • ​This event is entrusted by [Garage Selection] to sell tickets. Please read the ticket purchase instructions carefully before purchasing tickets.

  • The organizer reserves the right to make final modifications, changes, event explanations and cancellations of this event.

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- ​Activity planning and description -

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The number of participants in this event is limited
Adopt registration and registration system
and purchase tickets online
Voucher entry

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Academia/industry     1,500 yuan/person
Students              800 yuan/person
(When purchasing student tickets, you must present your valid student ID card on the day)

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If affected by the epidemic, postponement or cancellation will be made in accordance with government regulations
*The organizer reserves the right to change the event


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