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Advanced Technology

Our advanced technologies cover materials, equipment, measurements, and manufacturing processes in the field of perovskite photovoltaic cells. At the same time, we have strong engineering integration capabilities to deliver high-quality solutions. 

High conversion efficiency platform

With conversion efficiency of 20% as the standard, we are able to quickly and effectively provide performance evaluations of various new materials and new concepts.

High-quality measurement and evaluation services

We use the most advanced high-precision instruments to provide complete performance evaluation ranging from materials to components.

Ultra-low toxicity component manufacturing process

Our exclusive aqueous solution process,  the only environmentally friendly process available in the market, uses pure water as the casting solvent for perovskite films.

Highly stable inorganic compounds

We use inorganic compounds with high stability and low cost instead of small molecular organics which are generally unstable and more expensive.

Customized equipment development

Our experienced engineering team provides total solution, including design, manufacture, and sales of small and customized equipment.

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