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The 2022 Taiwan Perovskite Solar Energy Annual Event came to a perfect end

The 2022 Taiwan Perovskite Solar Energy Annual Event came to a perfect end, and the first year of the industry alliance was launched.

On the 16th of December, the "Second Taiwan Perovskite Technology and Application Forum" hosted in National Tsinghua University was successfully concluded. The organizer invited Professor Tsutomu Miyasaka, the inventor of Perovskite solar cell, to Taiwan to participate and deliver a speech on "Materials and interface engineering for high performance halide perovskite photovoltaics". According to the organizer, nearly 300 experts from industry, government, academia and research participated in the event, which was almost twice as many as the first forum held in March this year, indicating the rapid development of the industry and the urgency of energy issues.

This forum is different from the first forum, which adopts a double-axis mode, namely "Industry Application Forum" and "Technical Forum". The organizer arranged 20 experts from related fields at home and abroad to give speeches. The content covers a wide range from material technology, process development, professional equipment to production line design, and speeches on various applications such as zero-carbon buildings, BIPV solar building integration, and low-carbon agricultural and fishery co-generation. Taiwan Perovskite Solar Corp. Chairman Chen Lai Juh gave a speech on "Mercury 1st: The beginning of large-scale production of Perovskite solar cell", showing a glimpse of the industrialization of Perovskite solar cell.

Another highlight of this forum is the launch of the "Taiwan Perovskite Research and Industry Association". Chairman Chen Lai Juh said that more than ten companies have participated as group founders so far, including material suppliers, equipment suppliers, research institutes, academic institutes, solar energy manufacturers, and client-side. The purpose of the alliance is to establish an industry exchange and cooperation platform to build a complete Perovskite industry chain in Taiwan and accelerate the development of the industry, creating a better green energy future for Taiwan.

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