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TPSC announces stable baseline and completion of first batch of orders

TPSC, Taiwan Perovskite Solar Corp, recently announced that their A4-size perovskite solar cell, the "Mercury I Line," has achieved stable baseline and completed the first batch of orders for delivery. After relentless efforts from their research and engineering teams, TPSC established the production line on February 9th, following the Lunar New Year. The "Mercury I Line" is TPSC's large-area perovskite solar cell production line, representing a mass-production design that integrates unique innovative materials, independently developed processes, and professional equipment solutions. TPSC Chairman Lai-Juh Chen said that the successful and stable production of the product, and the completion of the first batch of orders, is not only an essential milestone for the company but also indicates that Taiwan's perovskite solar energy industry has taken a significant step forward. In December 2022, TPSC held the 2nd Taiwan Perovskite Technology and Application Forum, where they announced the establishment of the "Taiwan Perovskite R&D and Industry Alliance (TPRIA) [3]

" to strengthen Taiwan's competitiveness in the global perovskite solar energy industry. By creating an industrial exchange and cooperation platform through this alliance, TPSC hopes to build a complete perovskite industry chain in Taiwan. Chairman Lai-Juh Chen stated that the alliance will officially launch in March 2023 following the standard operating procedures, and many experts from academia, research institutions, and industry have already joined as members. He believes that the resources and power of the alliance will contribute significantly to Taiwan's perovskite solar energy industry.

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