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Perovskite solar technology exhibited at the 2050 Net Zero City Expo, Taiwan

Perovskite solar technology exhibited at the 2050 Net Zero City Expo, Taiwan Perovskite Solar Technology (TPSC) joins forces with Kingyoup Optronics Corp. to showcase a new vision for architecture.

Taiwan Perovskite Solar Technology participated in the "2050 Net Zero City Expo" held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall from March 28th to 31st, and unveiled the "Lu Ban 1," a new zero-carbon building concept developed in collaboration with Kingyoup Optronics Corp,.

"Lu Ban 1" is the only zero-carbon building concept at the exhibition that is powered by perovskite solar energy. The unique feature of this building is its use of transparent perovskite solar cell, which integrates glass substrates to create a distinctive appearance while significantly increasing the self-sufficiency ratio of the entire building. This breakthrough overcomes the limitations of existing building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology, making zero-carbon buildings no longer just a dream.

Following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, the "2050 Net Zero City Expo" attracted a large number of foreign professionals in the fields of architecture and energy. Many foreign visitors expressed great interest in the uniqueness and innovation of "Lu Ban No.1," jointly developed by Taiwan Perovskite Solar Technology. During the four-day exhibition, Taiwan Perovskite Solar Technology's booth attracted attention from many different industrial manufacturers. "Lu Ban No.1" was also visited and highly regarded by Secretary-General of the Presidential Office Lin Chia-lung and Minister of the Interior Lin Yu-chang. Chairman of Taiwan Perovskite Technology, Lai-Juh Chen, stated that a net-zero city will not happen without zero-carbon buildings, and zero-carbon buildings cannot exist without third-generation solar energy technology. Perovskite solar energy will play an important role in the future of the construction industry.

Photo: Lu Ban 1, zero-carbon building concept powered by perovskite solar energy

Perovskite solar energy is a third-generation solar energy technology. Compared to traditional silicon solar cells, perovskite solar cells have higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower costs, and lower carbon emissions. In the future, flexible perovskite solar energy is one of the important directions for development. Compared to the current technology using glass substrates, flexible perovskite solar energy is not only lighter, but can also be integrated into non-planar building materials, making it more widely applicable. In the future, Taiwan Perovskite Solar Technology will continue to invest in related research and development, bringing more innovation and breakthroughs to the energy transition and construction industry.

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