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"TPRIA" Officially Established, Accelerating the Development of Taiwan’s Perovskite Industry

The Taiwan Perovskite Research and Industry Association (TPRIA) was officially launched on May 18th. The establishment of this alliance aims to bring together experts from the perovskite industry, academic and research institutions, and other related sectors to establish a platform for industry exchange and collaboration. Its primary goal is to construct a complete perovskite industry chain in Taiwan and accelerate the diversification of the industry.

On April 5th of this year, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan announced the government's policy to popularize "flexible perovskite solar cells" by 2030. Japan plans to utilize newly established funds to support production system preparation and technology development for mass production. On May 12th, First Solar, the world's largest thin-film solar company, announced the acquisition of Swedish perovskite solar research company Evolar AB for approximately $38 million. This acquisition further solidified its global leadership position in the thin-film solar energy field, resulting in a significant surge in First Solar's stock price, reaching a record high with a peak increase of 26%, the highest since 2008. In the face of international competition, the establishment of the Taiwan Perovskite Research and Industry Association effectively combines the strengths of Taiwan’s perovskite-related industries and research institutions, promotes collaboration and exchange within the industry, expands the market scale, and fosters cooperation and innovation through resource sharing and communication platforms. This initiative accelerates the research and application of perovskite technology, enhances the international competitiveness of Taiwan's perovskite industry, and achieves sustainable industry development.

The inaugural general assembly of the alliance, also the first member assembly, elected the first chairman through a vote. Mr. Lai-Jhu Chen, Chairman of TPSC Taiwan Perovskite Solar Corp., was elected as the chairman. With his extensive industry experience and expertise, Chairman Chen will lead the development of the alliance and promote the implementation of various important tasks. Under his leadership, the Taiwan Perovskite Research and Industry Association is expected to become a significant force driving industry innovation and international cooperation.

Chairman Lai-Jhu Chen and the first membership representatives of TPRIA

The inaugural general assembly of the alliance was attended by 40 founding members representing academic and research institutions, material, equipment, process, and various related application industries. It is worth mentioning that the global industry association, SEMI is also a founding member of the alliance, hoping to become one of the key forces in the development of Taiwan's perovskite industry. SEMI representatives invited alliance members to participate in the "ENERGY TAIWAN & Net-Zero Taiwan," which will be held from October 18th to October 20th at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan. The exhibition will host a series of forums and lectures focusing on the latest trends and innovations in renewable energy and green technology. The alliance has been specially invited to share keynote speeches on the trends in the perovskite solar energy industry during the forums.

In addition, HELIARTEC Solution Corp., a leading Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) company, is also one of the founding members of the alliance. The establishment of the alliance has facilitated the collaboration between TPSC and HELIARTEC. Both parties announced their collaboration to jointly expand the market for perovskite solar energy in the field of building applications. This highlights the collaborative power of the alliance, which will continue to attract more capable companies and experts to join, working together to advance the development of Taiwan's perovskite solar energy industry.

TPSC and HELIARTEC collaborate to jointly create zero-carbon building objectives

Chairman Lai-Jhu Chen stated that the alliance has planned two important events this year, including participation in the "16th (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC)" held in Shanghai from May 24th to May 26th, as well as the "3rd Taiwan Perovskite Industry Forum" scheduled for August 31st. In the future, the alliance will organize various exchange activities to promote industry development and innovation. It will continue to collaborate with relevant departments, institutions, and international organizations to jointly explore the prospects of the perovskite industry, injecting new momentum into the sustainable development of Taiwan's perovskite industry. The establishment of this alliance has attracted significant attention from the industry, with major corporations, research institutions, and experts expressing their expectations and support. Through collaborative efforts, alliance members will further explore the application value and technological innovations of perovskite, bringing more opportunities and breakthroughs to the industry.

Founding members of TPRIA

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